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צימט - תקשורת שיווקית - הצוות



Daniel Zimet, CEO , Holds a Master’s degree in Mass Communications from Clark University , Massachusetts, USA. A member of the
Board of Directors of Israel's Association of Advertising Agencies. Vice Chairman of  Israel-Turkey Business Council [email protected]

Sarah Zimet, Director of Media Relations. Holds a Master’s degree in International Relations from Tel Aviv University.
[email protected]

Yoav Benzoor, Head of Creative Dept. A graduate of the Design Academy of San Francisco. Contributes a blend of  experience from both Israel and the United States.
[email protected]
Eyal korzen, Head of Interactive Marketing division.
 [email protected]

Ninel Koren, Head of Public Relations dept.

Yasmin Ring, Coordinator of  Public Relations and Media Relations

Tammi Korzen, Administrative Coordinator

Micha Berkuz, Head of New Media Department

 TRAVEL TURKEY    PARIS 2005 002       מומחים לתיירות
Daniel lecturing at an international seminar Sarah and Yoav before entering a presentation in Paris, France.

   The creative team having fun...

Address: 32 Emek Beracha, Tel Aviv, Israel 67456
Telephone: 972-3-5620630
Fax: 972-3-5622081
Email: [email protected]

Landscape photos: Itzik Byononsky


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